Ahlan! Marhaban to my blog.

Gooly wallah means, say you swear!
Ana Wallah! (I swear)

Yes people, I speak: English, Ebonics, Spanglish and Creole. Add Arabic to my list and this is bes (just) the beginning!

In preparation for moving to the UAE, I’m learning Arabic. I’ve been preparing for this journey since February, but I made it my first priority in July. I’m on a mission! Anyway, I would like to share this travel and language experience with you in hopes that my teaching and learning create this unique permanency in my adult brain trying to obtain new knowledge. Enjoy and Afwan sadiqain! (You’re welcome, my friends!)

If you are still reading this post. You must be a Sadiq (friend).
Thank you, Sadiqi (my friend). You’re support means a lot to me. Keep reading. Don’t forget to comment and support my Arabic dialogue progress.

While I’m very excited for this experience, I’m also extremely nervous. I keep a personal “fear journal” that has helped me realize my fears are trivial and I always overcome them.

I found out today that the Abu (father) of one of my close friends passed away. My heart goes out to her and her family.

I am very close to Abui (my father). I spoke to him today and I continue to check on him and his health. I love him dearly. My father is a strong man of great integrity. He detests kithab (lies) and instilled in me from an early age, that I was and would continue to be smart, hard working and his!

Daddy would gooly (say), “You have to work hard in this world.”
He was right.

No matter Shu (what) hard work is required. I acquired this teaching position through hard work. I will learn Arabic through hard work.

I’m done with all the packing I can do until I get my ticket….kithab, I could probably do some packing revisions.
Shu feetch? (what’s he problem?) I’m still waiting (I assume) due to immigration.

Yallah (hurry up)! Ana (I) really want to get settled. So many of my friends and family are eager to visit and I had my going away party in July. My colleagues and friends already in the UAE ask and check in on me and pray for me, asking, “When do you Tayali (come here)?”

I don’t know. My recorded response: When I know, I will tell Inta (you).

Ana gHindi (I have) a wonderful support system from the USA to the UAE.

I hope to have plenty of traveling adventures to share soon. In the mean time, I’m just enjoying the daily life. It’s pretty awesome!


There’s so much to read and learn. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, reflecting and growing personally. Spiritually, I’m in a great place.


I’m actively seeking kindness and ways that I can help others daily… humbly and modestly. How can I be of assistance to those around me? Any ideas? Do share.


ARAKA fee maba’d!
(see you later)



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