“Begin with good intentions and action and you’ll end with satisfaction!”

One major part of the relocation overseas process that I’m phasing through right now is waiting.
I’ve been waiting for my visa and flight arrangements for over a month now.
When family and friends see me (after my going away party) they want to know why I’m still here. At first it really bothered me to have to explain… Now I understand the process more and I understand my need for patience more. I share details and what the process entails.

Perhaps this waiting has granted me: patience, time to spend with my inner voice and think seriously about my teaching career and my future plans.

Your Faith allows GOD 2 do things 4 you that no 1 saw coming. Don’t let anyone’s commentary discourage your faith. -Hart Ramsey

In the mean time, I’m being productive. First and foremost I’m taking care of my self: mentally, physically and spiritually.

I’m working hard through the dissertation process of my doctoral study. This week I was appointed a URR. I plan to continue drafting my sections 1 & 2 for committee approval. My goal is to get committee approval before I leave. How awesome would that be?
I organized my desk and came up with a “to do” system that reaches into Summer 2015.
I’ve established some long term and short term personal goals as well as aspirations for my immediate and extended family.

I’m doing a September “squat challenge” along with meal planning & daily gym time. I got some new Nike’s & I’m looking forward to treating myself to a spa day and back 2 school for teachers shopping very soon.

I’m meditating and completing a “Bible @ 1 Year” reading plan in addition to 26 days of beauty reflections and the 21 day self-care challenge.


I love challenges and the positive aspects of social media. I participate but I also know when it’s time to log out!

I’ve also had time to reconsider items I’ve packed, downsize, research, shop, sell, donate & pursue hobbies like photography and videography.

Sometimes I get over anxious, overwhelmed, and frustrated! Everything jumbles together but overall and majority of the time, I’m at peace.

Affirmative Thoughts:
==>I know that my waiting is not in vain.
==>I’m positive everything will work out well.
==>I’m not suffering.
==>I’m content.
==>I am thinking positively.
==>I’m pressing on.

I started this whole process wanting to see the world, learn more, and contribute to something bigger than myself.

I need to remember that.

According to @Women_Fit: ► It WILL be difficult.
► It WILL take time.
► It WILL require sacrifice.
► It WILL be worth it.
My thoughts: I think this applies to all the processes we experience on the journey of our lives.

This week’s Menu at my House/Kitchen:)

Orange juice with green foods
Scrambled Eggs

Protein Shake
Jasmine Rice

Water with lemon
Red Potatoes
Corn, beans or peas


Modified for My Lose It meal plan:


So Yummy


September, I also got to celebrate my Dad’s 65th birthday, host a weekend celebration in his honor and shower him with gifts.  Check out my Pinterest Board!

See more photos here of the birthday celebration on my Facebook Page!


his favs



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