Styling with my iPhone6

I got my new iPhone6 and I love it

Aside from the all-new seamless design, A powerful A8 chip… More advanced cameras… And a Retina HD display in larger sizes, I love the alternate keyboard and all things iO8. 

Everything about the new iPhone is huge… Even the GroupMe Emojis!

A friend’s face popping up in app when they “like” my comment on a collaborative message board *flash* 

 My favorite features: the tiny moving clock app icon… the phone itself! It’s thinner and lighter than my 5S which I spent a lot of time dropping! Lol 

Contacts include attachments like a song that a person may have sent you that time ago when they happened to be feeling some type of way…


Unlimited & free ringtones and notification sounds… I hear “wonder woman” when I archive emails! 

Everything slides in and out and has quick response aspects like contacts separating to recent and favorites bars based on how frequently used and accessible in 1 touch, archiving and or replying to emails and iMessages with audio, instant save-keep aspects, family iCloud syncing and selfies with a timer (no app necessary).  


Awesome multitasking layout… Right now I’m blogging on WordPress while having a conversation on speakerphone and monitoring my emails awaiting my “golden tickets” and chatting in several Facebook groups. 

I also noticed that I can talk on the phone and iTunes will still play music.  It even automatically lowers it to a “background level”. 

iPhone 6 has MORE! More options for incoming calls and automatic responses…
More iCal features, location enabled settings and predictions for contacts based on your area & reminders
More built in sounds
More for Health with built in dashboard, medical ID & sources!

The best apps here!

I will need adjustment time for the side power button and how large the phone actually is.

Some people are not willing to make this adjustment and want to return the phone!

Here’s how large it actually is… Hand model (My Husband who has large hands… Don’t want to skew the comparison with my tiny hands lol)

6 vs. 6 Plus -2 -3 

I’ve considered using a stylus but mainly have been using 2 hands.

As for me & my house? #TeamApple 

We’re all in sync now with MacBook Pros, iPad mini, iPhone6 and Apple TV!

Good thing about the 6 “Next” upgrade is, “once the phone is paid for you are no longer under contract with AT&T!” This was a wise move for my overseas mission. I will keep AT&T until I make my way from the USA to the UAE. 

THE BEST PART about it: I didn’t have to camp out. I woke up leisurely and still a little sleepy, so I took my time with getting ready and having breakfast. I stood in line for less than 30 minutes and was home in time for lunch with 128 GB of iPhone 6 bliss.

I realize I’m still blessed.

 Some people are waiting for iPhones or have no access to them.  Others don’t have the desire but that’s another blog.  

I can put my new “Notify me” options to use when it comes to my travel plans, travel agency, recruitment, security and visa processing.

I know what waiting feels like, but patience is everything.  

A colleague in the UAE reminded me of something I need to put more time and effort into and that is learning Arabic.

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I sold my 5S for $300.00 

-Syn, not yet in the Sand…


On the Go!


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