I’m moving!

-2 -3

I will never lose as long as I am trying, learning and traveling!

I’m officially “going away”… 3 months after my going away party! lol

✈Tickets Confirmed for next Friday!

✈For those concerned with safety, This blog might bring you comfort:)

I plan to continue blogging my journey!

1st in line: https://vine.co/v/Obg2EquqrgE
Pre-Boarding: https://vine.co/v/Obg9D1F61Lm
JFK Layover: https://vine.co/v/ObXrBA3md19
Waiting: https://vine.co/v/ObHOdQaBYW2
At the Gate: https://vine.co/v/ObHnePqiv5v
Gate Change: https://vine.co/v/ObIXF39025l
Line: https://vine.co/v/ObIIhP6e7YD
Boarding: https://vine.co/v/ObI1JMM7ZTV
Boarded: https://vine.co/v/ObIUuZYVTmw
In Flight: https://vine.co/v/ObI2FV1W59p

The day of departure they weighed my luggage and made me remove and discard items to meet the weight requirement. This process had great meaning for my life. I thought I could get away with adding a lil extra weight in each bag. In the end I had to take a new inventory and be more sensible with my choices. The process of elimination was difficult but taught me a valuable lesson that can be applied to all areas of my life. Only pack what’s necessary. Balance… Weigh and discard the things that don’t need to be there. Operate in what will be, and don’t dwell on what already was or what I thought could be.
Let go quickly!

Our flight arrived early morning and our travel agency flopped on securing someone to greet us. We ended up looking for our driver… Through language barriers and other issues he left us at the airport because we had “too much luggage”.
Luckily, we reached out to folks we know here for help and several called on our behalf. They sent another driver with a van to escort us to our hotel.

I started the process for my new employment visa…

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