give away

love for others

Is your life about love?  Who do you love?  Do you make time for self love?  What do you believe in? Who do you believe in?  Are you giving out what you’re hoping to receive?

These are the questions we should ask ourselves daily and govern our lives accordingly while we learn, grow, change, and love.

fear journal

let it go

Keeping a fear journal will teach you a lot of things.  One of the most prominent things you will learn is to let go of things that no longer serve you.  So, let it go!

I kept a “Fear Journal” for over a year and by entry 52 I learned a valuable lesson: fear is natural but unnecessary. Most of my fears never occurred.

I grew up by laughing at myself.
Through this journal, I overcame my fears. I acknowledged them in a sincere way and then I was able to put then to rest.

We fear things that cannot hurt us.
But today is a good day to remember that we don’t have to.
Is this something you’d like to try?
Take Action and Reflect:
Jot this statement down
Here’s a list of all the things I am most afraid of:
Then just start listing… All the fears and random things you can think of in a free-write-anything-goes-spelling-doesn’t-count manner.
For each fear on your list, ask yourself, “If this actually happened, would I die?”
This is what I did.  I then wrote down my answer YES or NO next to each fear.
Try this.  It might surprise you.

Trust him… God, Universe… How ever you look at that higher power in your life.

give us all you've got

big purpose




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