When I cut my hair my blog got a lot of views… My sister shared the link on her Facebook profile and people I don’t know or haven’t spoken to in years were overly concerned with my hair. I found that extremely baffling and did some thinking about the nature of blogs and blogging.

I spoke to a colleague who said, “I wish I cared enough to make a blog.”

So here are some thoughts and questions I’m working through:
Is blogging caring too much or simply caring enough?

I blog because I value my own voice but I also understand the power of language. Every time I post I’m shaping and reflecting my human experience that will continue to live after me.

A blog is modernized Diary. I’ve kept personal journals and diaries since I could write. I get a kick out of looking back on how far I’ve come.

But what do other people have to gain from reading a blog from a person they don’t know or don’t have an active relationship with?

I read blogs of others who I find interesting. People who have done adventurous things or live out loud. As a teacher in the UAE for 2 years, I wanted my blog to be a way to share my experience. I read several blogs before I made my final decision to come out here.

For those who find my blog interesting, thank you!
For those interested in teaching in the UAE, go for it!
For those who’ve taught in the UAE, much respect!

In other blog news, I tried “Figaro’s” in Al Ain Mall during their grand opening week. I went with a small pepperoni pizza. It was delicious. So far, it’s the best pizza I’ve had in the UAE.


I worked out the day before Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving day I had to work because obviously Thanksgiving is not a holiday here… However, we had an open day and parents made dishes representative of their regions. I tried local dumplings and a sweet from Oman


On the way home, I fell asleep and my co-workers gave me this present!


I worked out Thanksgiving Day!


I had an awesome Thanksgiving dinner with educator-expat families!


Hubby and I celebrated our 2nd Thanksgiving dinner together (married).




Final thought: just because you follow a person’s blog or see them on Facebook doesn’t mean you know everything going on in their life. If you are a family member, you should still check in with them. If you are a friend, you should still maintain regular communication. If you are neither of these things, feel free to: love, hate, lurk or spectate!





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