30 thoughts on my 30th year…just rambling…


1. I’m getting old.
2. I get confused for a teenager or one of my students… Less & Less (Maybe that’s the haircut)
3. I say how I feel more.
4. I value clarity.
5. I care more about health and wealth more than the opinion and approval of others.
6. I don’t rush but I still manage urgency.
7. I feel responsible.
8. I clear debt.
9. I study for “fun”.
10. I discuss research with my friends and colleagues daily.
11. I smile by default.
12. I choose to be happy.
13. I made excellent choices.
14. I drink less and have not drunken desires.
15. I plan vacations and holidays.
16. I worry about my parents.
17. I reach out to my siblings.
18. I value true friendships.
19. I help strangers or those in need.
20. I love colors!
21. People are more obsessed with asking and demanding that I have children.
22. More diverse music, please!
23. I need more time.
24. I only welcome positive vibes.
25. I know what I want.
26. I know where I’m going.
27. I know where I’ve been.
28. I can do anything.
29. Change is good.
30. Do what I can… Always!





-Syn and Sand


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