Curious expat minds want to know. What’s in the prayer room? How does it work? What procedures are in place for these locations?

After 7 months abroad, I’ve been able to observe some basic “operations and functions” I initially was unfamiliar within the concept of a prayer room.

So here’s what I’ve taught my self, as a non-Muslim American living in a Muslim country (United Arab Emirates):

1. Hands and feet are to be washed before prayer.

 2. Shoes are removed and stored outside of the praying space.

3. Floor is carpeted in the prayer room and occasionally there is additional seating options in the rear of the room (adjacent to the wall).

4. All public places in the UAE have prayer rooms, just like restrooms (yes, that essential)… Malls, Schools, Museums, Parks…everywhere!

5. Prayer rooms are separated by gender.


Pretty cool, huh? 

These photos were taken at Wahat Hili Mall, Hili District of Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE.


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