I guess the “Christian-American” equivalent of Ramadan is “Lent”. However, Ramadan is about kindness… Muslims want to be closer to God and do good deeds… Acts of kindness for others. In Al Ain, I saw tents with food to feed the less fortunate. In Dubai, strangers remind you to smile in traffic and wish you well. 

During Ramadan there is collective fasting and breaking of fast which includes praying.

The UAE is a Muslim country so this fasting is more strict and enforced by law. As an expat/non-Muslim there are several cautions and restrictions we must follow.  Not following these rules are punishable by fines and jail time.

  1. Fasting from Sun up to Sun down
  2. Breaking fast with family, “Iftaar” approximately 7:15pm
  3. No eating or drinking in public (car included) until after Iftaar!
  4. No displays of affection
  5. No revealing clothing (Pretty much the norm of expectation here)

I hope to learn more. 

business hours change during Ramadan.


here I’m preparing for sun down


many offices opened after 8pm in Al Ain


i almost ate a snicker


hubby saved me and reminded me of rules


happy ramadan from us


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