After missing my flight and attempting to watch 2 movies on my MacBook Pro, I have a whole “lotta” reviews for DXB.
  First of all, let’s talk about The Food Court. Similar to your typical mall food court, I was at first impressed by the food options: Subway, ChowKing, Costa Coffee, Bombay ChowPatty, Marry Brown. Although the food court is not bad, the chairs are really uncomfortable.  I had an early lunch at Marry Brown.

Service: Terrible

Price: Unsatisfactory

Food: Dry

General Flavor: None

Pet peeve: 2 AED for BBQ Sauce

today’s lunch

I ate dinner at ChowKing.

Wait time: Forever

Menu: Limited and Disappointing 

Flavor: eh…

my dinner

Between swatting flies and people watching, I managed to survive. Yes, I’m a survivor. 

DXB allows passengers to check in as early as 3 hours to flights. However, check-in closes 1 hour prior to departure… No exceptions. At least in my case that’s the rule. 

In typical #myDubai fashion, there’s a hair salon in the airport. 

How did I survive this day?

a blessing from the universe


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