coley’s home

Jet Lag? It does exist!

Day 1-Welcome Home Dinner


soul food by mom

Best parts of being home? 

spending time with sheana


reuniting with my dog, Emma



  • A necklace from my niece
  • A keychain from my dog (lol) 
  • Spa set from my sister
  • Crystal Apple teacher trophy
  • Jeremy 

    he wrapped himself


Day 2-

Rest & Relaxation

Jet lag recovery

Got a rental car

Day 3-

Handling Bidnazz  

Day 4-

Lunch date with my loves 


Day 5-6 more errands and appointments


Weekend 1: Philly & Atlantic City 

Week 2-3/5: Traveling and Road trips between NYC, Nanuet, and Rochester  


Best Summer Movie?  


Surprise Moment?

Reunited with an old friend

Made a new friend

One is silver and the other is gold… We 3 Pisces 



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