Two things happened that led to to the blog.

1. A student asked me in the middle of my lesson who I’m voting for and if I’d be willing to share why with the class. He had strong feelings about all of the candidates and was curious of my position. Why? He wanted to affirm his own. He wanted to challenge my thesis. He wanted to interrupt my lesson. I wouldn’t give the satisfaction. Not today, children… 


2. At a family gathering (birthday party for my little cousin), I listened to my parents, aunts, and uncles discuss their positions and why. I was being a mature 30 year old discussing politics at the adult table in the formal dining room and not one part of the discussion confirmed or swayed me. If anything, personal opinions fueled more confusion and sparked great visual divides based on personal experiences all of which have validity.  There was a lot of yelling, talking over each other, and not much listening. Not today, family…

Both of these happenings helped me determine who I’m voting for!



I’m voting for myself in this election.

I refuse to get caught up in heated discussions and debates about candidates who don’t know that I exist.

Take that passion and vote for yourself!

Pursue a better you!

Self love…betterment…improvement 

    Self empowerment!

Disclaimer: I will participate in actually voting and choose a candidate that I feel is the most connected and aligned with my visions and interests. That decision is not up for discussion. I know the candidate that I have chosen and the only other person I’ve shared and explained this choice with is my husband. 

Vote for yourself! What do I mean by that? Do your research. Yes, read stuff. Lol Ask yourself, which candidate aligns with MY interests and concerns?  Be selfish. It’s your right. Discuss it with your spouse, life partner, or sidekick. Keep yourself informed with issues and debates. Keep an open mind. Select your best choice. 


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