I wanted to celebrate Halloween this year but instead I will be celebrating the home going of my brother.

 As a child, we weren’t mostly allowed to do typical Halloween things.  

I remember being a witch in Headstart and winning a trophy.  I remember being able to get mini-mouse ears for a cousin’s birthday party in Brooklyn… And around 15 and 16, I was allowed to go trick or treating with 2 different groups of my friends. I wore pants with a dragon on the leg one year. It was the Sisqo era. I was going through my punk-rock-dark black girl and black makeup phase.  Another year, I wore a dress I had for my brother’s wedding and said that I was a princess. This would be the same dress that I’d later cut and restyle for prom.  Noticably, it has been a case of denial and limbo for years but I got my life and guess what? I enjoy some aspects of Halloween but I have rules and standards. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and Halloween happens to be a part of the reason why.  But not for the reasons you’d think…

Dressing up is fun and I’m okay with pumpkins and carvings, but absolutely no ghosts. I prefer costumes to be fun and not celebrate death or tragedy. Some of these Halloween displays are actually scary and just too much for me. Near I say, offensive.  I rather celebrate eras of notable admiration or inspiration. This Halloween, I’m going to be a Black Panther. Why? Because I dress like this anyway. Because I want to dress like someone I hope to manifest. Because I believe in the power of energy.

Dress like someone you admire.

Dress like something that makes you happier.

Do not change your skin color to do that. Blackface is always wrong. You can be a historical figure or celebrity without painting your face. 

Fall festivities from now on and Halloween for me will be a time to remember change and the stages of life. Life: the seasons, like the weather, like the leaves, our lives will change. We can evolve. We can honor our ancestors. We can mimic great legends.

Do you go Trick or Treating? The last time I seriously went trick or treating was in college. It was possibly my Sophomore year. My roommates and I dressed up like celebrities and went Trick or Treating in a wealthy neighborhood near our college campus. I will not be going trick or treating this year.


This year Halloween will have a different meaning. I will spend time with my family.



  Lord protect me from things that are not of you.


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