South Carolina is where I was born and even though my parents have lived in NY for 29 years, they call SC, “Home”. We stayed in Moncks Corner while in South Carolina this trip. The whole family was able to be in the same location. This was a blessing. We are grieving and the comfort of each other’s presence helps.

breakfast pano


Breakfast at the Inn starts at 6:00am and ends at 10:00am. The area is clean and the staff is friendly.  The continental breakfast also includes hot food options.

nephews and cousin


My room was spacious and comfortable.  I especially loved the bed, cable tv channels including HBO, mini fridge, microwave and separate kitchen sink.  I also like the way the bathroom was set up with the tub and toilet in a separate room from the sink and mirror. The room also had a full body mirror. Funny how time flies when you have the right accommodations. 


I appreciated everything about my stay but I was mostly impressed with the lemon juice packets. The small things usually matter the most!


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