I survived. Yes, I’m super powerful. 
Instances of note:

  1. I babysat my nieces at the gym.  

    no children allowed

  2. I take my makeup off before I go to bed even when I’m tired.  

    perfectly imperfect

  3. I ask difficult questions from impossible people.
  4. I resist Facebook arguments. Twice this week…
  5. I resist selfish ways with the help of my parents.
  6. I haven’t kept up with any of the “Real Housewives”.
  7. I don’t curse.
  8. I don’t smoke.
  9. I meditate.
  10. I don’t engage Twitter trolls. I block them.
  11. I respond to Facebook messages.
  12. I Whatsapp people.
  13. I participate in group text messages.
  14. I can make my nephew, Carter, stop crying by singing. I create songs on the spot!  

    Carter is a Prince


The future belongs to those who dream. I’m a dreamer.  I have superpowers. I recognize my small acts of strength and resilience. I have a larger testimony. My life is blessed even when it feels like a nightmare and I’m holding on to fine strings.

especially powerful


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