I have a humongous family. Having a family so large can be great but it also has downsides. First of all, my family is not only huge, we are close-knit. This makes a difference, so keep in mind as you read these perks and downsides.

family trip to walmart



  1. Everything is more fun. Something as simple as going to Walmart for “the day after Halloween candy sale” can be an adventure.
  2. If you don’t have enough money, you can get a few bucks or cents from your loved one. It’s not an issue. You’d do the same for them.
  3. You can split up shopping lists and store sections. One can be in the pharmacy section while you scope out pajamas. 
  4. You always have company.
  5. You can share the responsibility of walking and feeding pets.   
  6. You do not have to worry about your children. They are in the company of family and will be supervised accordingly.
  7. You can borrow books and book swap without returning exempt from due dates and fees. My newest book from my cousin’s closet. 
  8. They will never let you starve. No matter how hard you try… 
  9. Honesty always. Even when it hurts…
  10. They will make you tea. That will make you happy when you are sick. You can also get them to make you soup. They will deliver it to you in bed. 
  11. Daily Group text messages! Such unity… Lol someone will respond – for every no response and side-eye.


  1. There’s no such thing as a quick trip. While shopping, you will get calls and texts for things when you are in the process of checking out.
  2. You can’t go to one drive thru. While some family members prefer McDonald’s French fries, others will have an inkling for Wendy’s chicken nuggets. A simple snack can turn into The Great Debate.
  3. It can get pretty loud and exhausting. You may develop severe headaches. 
  4. You are assumed responsible for all children around. 
  5. You get asked random times of day, night, and weather to pick loved ones up from near and far locations. They will always describe the location falsely (as 15 minutes away).
  6. You cannot wear sexy pjs. You never know when someone will stop by.
  7. Sometimes you’re not hungry. 
  8. Obsession with your weight gain and when you will get married, then when you will have children. Having to answer the same questions constantly… Even when you don’t have the answers or feel like sharing.
  9. You cannot take pictures alone.   

Overall, The good outweighs the bad! I love my gigantic family. 


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