I’ve successfully completed 6 courses on the topic of various forms of meditation. I set a goal for more sleep and 10,000 steps per day. Currently, I’m learning to direct my meditation using two different programs:

  1. Meditation Vacation (Happier)  
  2. 21 Day Meditation Experience, “Become What You Believe” (Oprah & Deepak)  



Awesome: feeling it, living it, dreaming it.  Guided meditation is helpful for new meditators because it teaches you how to breathe, provides mantras, and promotes the power of anchoring your mind.

I feel life fully.

My core beliefs express my light. 

Meditative Tools



Notes from the Universe excerpt: Setbacks, delays, and detours? They’re like steps in the mambo, tango, and cha-cha. If you dissected the movements and saw them without the rest of the dance, everyone would look to be in great pain. But when you see the big picture… poetry in motion

In life, setbacks, delays, and detours are often just my way of “keeping” you for something way better. Don’t let them discourage you, don’t see them out of context, and whatever you do, don’t stop dancing. 
The Universe is our most able choreographer.





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