i will say her name

I am Sandra Bland

I saw myself in her maxi dress

The same Maxi dress

I tried to throw a blazer over to cover my shape

The blazer did nothing for my age

For my vehicle

For my skin color

I am Sandra Bland

And the time I was pulled over by campus police

I focused in on his gun

I was shook and scared to look

2 cops cars of flashing lights

For what was not a complete stop at the stop sign

With boxes in my car

Starting a new professor position

I trembled

I am Sandra Bland

My hand was shaking when I handed my license

I started crying while answering excessive questions

Why am I driving this car?

Where am I going?

Where am I coming from?

I called my husband

I thought, they are going to kill me

And who will say my name

My heart is broken for her

Her family

For me

For all sassy black girls and women who tremble

At the sight of police officers

And fear them for all of our lives

remembering sandra


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