Understand that I’m a longtime Will Smith fan
Understand that I laughed at tweets calling his accent too fake to watch this movie

Understand that I still watched it and loved it

I needed this movie.

You should go see it if you haven’t. 

In a culture of glorified violence and football, we all could use this film as a discussion critical lens.

Will Smith as the highly educated, gentle, patient, and God-fearing Doctor Bennet Omaluu, was inspirational to me.

Sometimes questioning my own doctoral study purpose, I found his relentless passion and dedication necessary.

I needed this character.  
Unforgettable Quotes from Concussion:

  • “understand you gotta fix this…

You gotta fix me in here” -Mike Webster (Football player, Center)

  • “God didn’t intend for us to play football.”
  • “tell the truth.”
  • “If you don’t speak for the dead, who will?”

I needed this cry for help.

  • “One should eat breakfast in this country”

I needed this laughter.

  • “I can’t tell what you are more afraid of. What you will find or what you will not…”

Closing Statement:

All we have to do is finish the game. If we finish, we win! For me this movie is about hard work and worth ethics with underlying messages about faithfulness and resilience. There is a dignity in death. Dr. Omaluu’s colleagues find his respect for the science of death to be excessive and unnecessary. I found his communication with the dead to be respectful and an intricate part of the difference between a professional and a hero within a profession. Dr. Omaluu is a hero in his profession and a leader in the message about how we should live our lives; exempt from fear, and courageously seeking solutions.


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