I’d like to share, My Notes & Thoughts on Outrageous Joy!
I attended and listened to a Sunday teaching series on Philippians at Lakeshore Community Church (3651 Latta Road, Rochester, NY 14612)

Overall outrageous joy is an internal desire to focus on the positive. We have a tendency to focus on the negative.  

Sept. 27: Enjoy people more by showing them the love of God. Be grateful always and think positively. Replace negativity with positivity. Find something to love in everyone. Something will happy everyday that can make us laugh.

Oct. 4: Joyful no matter what is a concept of distinguishing deep joy from happiness. We can choose to be joyful through all circumstances. Happiness (is a pursuit) is temporary and conditional. We should understand that we won’t always be happy but we can always have joy. To be joyful is to sincerely look for opportunities in setbacks and challenges. Choose to see the glass as half full. Change your expectations. 

Oct. 11: Minimizing conflict with others (life will not be free from suffering when you come to Jesus).

Everybody has a plan to be joyful but it’s a fight. Stand side by side with other Christians. Let your (objective) purpose be your guide. 

Deal with conflicts directly. It will not wither away on its own. Seek to understand and be understood. Don’t think only about yourself but be interested in others too and what they’re doing. Have Merry Hearts!

Oct. 18: Who is Jesus Christ? Our view of Jesus Christ determines the type of life we live.

Attitude always drives action. To have a life of joy, you must discover a joyful attitude.

J- Jesus (Person and work)



Jesus Christ is God. He let go of his rights and allowed himself to be limited. 

Oct. 25: Conquering Complaining

Find joy… Watch out for complaining and conquer it. Most people complain as a coping mechanism. 

*Philippians 2:14

-Complaining is a spiritual problem

We complain because:

1. Unmet relational needs (Exodus 16: People of Israel) *”Moses, you brought us out to die.” They forgot they were escaping slavery.

2. Unfulfilled personal expectations (John 6: Religious leaders vs. Jesus as Counter-cultural) They complained that Jesus Christ was not “like them”.

3. Unhealthy situational perspectives (Jude verse 16) Jesus’ half brother complained about evil/dark perspectives

4. Ungrateful spiritual problem (Corinthian) we do not appreciate God enough. We think we know more than God


From Paul (if you don’t complain)

1. You will become blameless and pure.

2. Children of God without fault (Christlike)

3. Shine like the stars in the universe

4. Hold forth the word of life without being hypocritical (tell people about the bible and they will hear you)

When you are about to complain:

Choose to see what can be.

Change your focus to what can be.

Focus and look to the future.

Fix the problem (not the blame). Paul appeals to the future to change the presence. Share your joy! Rejoice and be filled with joy. Complaining never solves or changes anything. It only makes it worst. Appreciate what you have.
Nov. 1: The Kind of People God Honors

*minimize your pleas*

Serve Jesus Christ

Nov. 8: your most important pursuit, “Not Righteousness” but to Pursue Jesus…

What you do has nothing to do with whether or not you go to heaven or how much God loves you.

God loves you before you become a Christian. 

His love gets no greater.

Your reward in heaven is determine by your acts but it is not your ticket to heaven. Your acts give you outrageous joy. 

God didn’t call us to earn his love or justify ourselves to him.

4 STEPS TO knowing Jesus more

1. Eliminate what distracts you from Jesus *Phillippians 3:7 (Paul’s trophies meant nothing to him – he cared for knowing Christ)

2. Elevate Jesus Christ (Paul says everything is rubbish before and compared to knowing Jesus Christ)–LIVE LIKE IT!

3. Exchange your sin for Jesus’ righteousness. “Be found in him” not in “Do-Goodnism” 

Faulty dependent on self and self effort to Christ’s work (Faith alone)

4. Experience Jesus Christ personally everyday! Christianity isn’t about everything being all good. It’s about knowing Christ and being like him through our suffering. READ THE BIBLE, PRAY, FAST, GIVE, SERVE DAILY. Paul says, “only Jesus Christ satisfies” and Jesus Christ will give you outrageous joy.
Nov. 15: pressing on no matter what

Christianity is a journey of pressing on with the right perspective. 

Don’t let your past keep you. It kills joy and perseverance. Learn from the past but don’t live in it. 

Will this outlast me?

Does this have eternal value? 

Live the truth. 

Don’t look at Now. Look at heaven. Put your faith in Jesus Christ and you will have a heart for heaven. 

Perspective, truth, strategy, goal… Develop your eternal mindset.
Nov. 22: stress: making it work for you

*Philippians 4: 2-5*

2 ladies of prominent church complaining

“Paul tells them to please try to agree like sisters in the lord.”

Meaning of their names

1. Pleasant Acquaintance

2. Great Journey 

4 stress relievers: 

1. Refuse to worry about anything. (don’t be anxious) worry doesn’t change or help anything– it only hurts.

2. Live one day at a time. Replace worry with prayer

3. Attitude of gratitude 

4. Look to what God will do (the future) 

Nov. 29: learning to be content

Dec. 6: god’s promise to meet your needs
If you enjoyed these notes, are in the Rochester (North Greece) area, Lakeshore invites you to, “Come experience church in a fresh, new way. From engaging music to impactful messages, Lakeshore Community Church created a family environment to experience God for who he really is because all people matter here. The message is always: come as you are no matter where you are.”
They have Sunday services 9am & 11 am and if you are unable to attend, you can listen to sermons online at: LakeshoreChurch.org. 


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