“For those of you that are new tonight. I know that this is not your year…. Man this is not a way to live. This is a way to die.” -Cornell

2015 was not my year. Although I learned a lot… Had some awesome travels… Made amazing friends, took a step into advancing my career from secondary to higher education…

I also flopped on some things:

  1. I lost my brother. There were so many things we had plans to do and see together.
  2. I ended a 2 year career commitment early.
  3. I was hired by several schools and over extended myself before having to turn down contracts, resign, and refocus my day realistically with one job.
  4. I didn’t meet my intensive doctoral study goals.
  5. I gained a significant amount of weight.

With that being said, I’ve been stressed. My sleep pattern has been really off and I’ve had time to watch and re-watch some amazing movies. I can’t just watch the movie though… I have to discuss it and analyze it. Rating movies on Flixster used to be enough for me but not so much anymore. So what’s the message of 28 days?

Well, first here’s a bit about the movie:  

movie info


28 days cover with sandra slaying

The message is: embrace change, but also accept the things you cannot change. When we embrace change, we can get to the root of our issues and remind ourselves of past events that may have led us down dangerous paths. We can’t change the past, but we can control our daily decisions. Gwen is in a toxic relationship with Jasper. They enable each other and he sabotages her recovery. The root of this issue is Gwen’s mother’s achoholism and untimely death. Gwen doesn’t feel loved by her “better at life”, sister. In rehab, she makes real friends and manages to bond with people who genuinely show her love.


Serenity Prayer


Here’s a resolution you can keep: Learn from everyone. Listen to others. Share your experiences and connect genuinely. Addict recovery is lifelong. Don’t be afraid to tap into the root of issues. Accept help and love. Take interest in new things and people. Express gratitude daily. 

The things you’ve done are not who you are. Forgive yourself.


I personally needed to consider my own addiction… SKITTLES. So sure, I’m drinking 64 oz of water a day, loving fruit, getting my veggies, and eating light and fit yogurt… However, I’m sprinkling Skittles in my strawberry flavored light & fit. I’m an emotional eater. 

Emotional eating is a real barrier. I’m working on finding my motivation for being fit and I’ll tell you what, it’s not Jenny McCarthy’s Love for SkinnyStix.

It’s my desire to lose weight and achieve outrageous joy. I want to live my best life. That’s more than physical. I’m learning how to overcome emotional and psychological barrier’s by reading “The Life You Want” by Bob Greene.



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