I never liked Star Wars until I started dating my hubby. 

Now, I’m a fan and a believer. I honestly think I could have been a fan before but, my mind was just closed to the idea. 

  I was so excited for The Force Awakens for several reasons:

  1. I knew my hubby would be thrilled
  2. I love John Boyega  
  3. We are “Star Wars” collectors  

    a couple of items from our collection

  4. I wanted a complete understanding   

I ended up loving the movie for more reasons:

  • Amazing Graphics  
  • Original Princess Leia as General Leia
  • Harrison Ford
  • Halloween costume ideas  
  • John Boyega didn’t let me down
  • More appreciation for “Chewy”
  • Wanting a Droid and comparing them to my dog, Emma
  • Strong female leading role  
  • Film diversity
  • A surprise casting of HBO Girls’ Adam as Ben  
  • Awesome costumes and great hair styles 
  • Great story and scene accuracy
  • Ben’s tortured soul was portrayed very well. The darkness is too real.  
  • I wanted to cry mid film climax 
  • The love story was more about friendship and loyalty than romance. That’s different. That’s needed!
  • Cool depictions of other planets and species
  • Galaxy Flight and fight scenes   

Some dissapoinments:

  • Fin’s character isn’t as strong as a leader or fighter that I hoped for  
  • Fin’s fight scenes could have been better. I know Boyega is capable from the Moses Role on “Attack the Block”  
  • I didn’t get to see the beautiful Lupita at all

May the force be with you… 

he made me a believer



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