If you watch,
Being Mary Jane
The you are familiar with this quote and topic. 
MJ quotes from Ralph Ellison and critiques, The Bachelor

Offering a strong claim on the following: 

Black Love: it’s possible. It’s a beautiful thing when you actually see it. It’s also love. It has the basics of humanity but it includes the dynamics and complexities of black life. Black love is unique because black life is unique. 

As a young, black and married woman, I initially wrote off “Being Mary Jane” because I didn’t like the idea that the show focuses on Mary Jane’s love life as a mistress of a married man. But, Mary Jane with her post-its are too real. They are relatable to me. The extent of her character and the shows writing well extends her love affairs… The show is about:


Black issues






College access 

Job access and availability 

Family and family structures 

We can say things about our family members. 

We can vent to friends about our family members.

They are not allowed to agree or say things about our family members that we were just speaking about. 

Survivors remorse and not wanting to be a cliche. Holding on to the idea of exceptional experience and perspective. 

Definitions of success and life goals and achievements 


Depression: “Psychiatrist vs. Friendly Support”

Gay: “Coming out”


It’s safe to say, I love this show. I’ve learned a lot from it and perhaps the most powerful lesson:

“Every celebration of you is not necessarily for you”

(Mary Janes’s Dad)


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