Today is my day! I’m so excited for this chapter of my life.  Before the turn up, I want to tone it down and affirm my 31st year of life. My sister and parents planned a magnificent surprise party for me beyond my wildest expectations. I expected nothing and got more than I could imagine.

  First my mom bought me “my pillow” and told me that was my gift. Honestly, I was satisfied with that. Then my cousin Janine treated me to henna. That following morning, my dad treated me to a mani and pedi. All along, everyone kept telling me I was going to family friend’s event.  I was excited to see him and turn up for Pisces everywhere. 

    My sister had baked goods in the kitchen but she loves to bake and I thought nothing of it.  Dad even pointed out how special this friend must be for my sister to bake for him. I started listing how he’s been a great friend to the family and has always been supportive! Lol

The party venue was a movie!  Every detail was lovely.        
I didn’t take a single moment for granted.    

1.) I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents. I run all of my life. I’m in control. #BossLady and I mean this. This thought gets me out of bed in the morning. It also tells me when I need sleep. What I do and how I do it… 


2.) Today, I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy. God has granted me the gift of this day! I am thrilled and singing all of the Rihanna album. 

3.) My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil. It will continue to be this way, because I will ensure it. 

4.) I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions. I’m better than any of that and I won’t allow any of it to enter my heart or mind.

5.) I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today. Which I am grateful for everyday: educate, advocate, mentor, love, direct… I give! 

6.) I forgive those who have harmed me in my past and peacefully detach from them for my 31st year and as long as God allows me to live.

7.) A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love. I am showered with the love of queens. 


8.) I am guided in my every step by Spirit who leads me towards what I must know and do above and beyond my Fitbit daily 10,0000.

9.) My love is becoming stronger, deeper, and more stable each day. 


10.) I possess the qualities needed to be extremely successful. Success is in my DNA.

11.) My career is growing, expanding, and thriving.

12.) Creative energy surges through me and leads me to new and brilliant ideas.

13.) Happiness is a choice. I base my happiness on my own accomplishments and the blessings I’ve been given.

14.) My ability to conquer my challenges is limitless; my potential to succeed is infinite.

15.) Teaching is my gift to the world.

16.) I am courageous and I stand up for myself.

17.) My thoughts are filled with positivity and my life is plentiful with prosperity.

18.) Today, I abandon my old habits and take up new, more positive ones.

19.) Many people look up to me and recognize my worth; I am admired.

20.) I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends. 


21.) I acknowledge my own self-worth; my confidence is soaring.

22.) Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.

23.) I am a powerhouse; I am indestructible. 


24.) Though these times are challenging , they are only a short phase of life.

25.) My future is an ideal projection of what I envision now.

26.) My efforts are being supported by the universe; my dreams manifest into reality before my eyes.

27.) I am loving!

28.) I radiate beauty, charm, and grace.

29.) I am conquering my fears; I am defeating it steadily each day.

30.) My obstacles are moving out of my way; my path is carved towards greatness.

31.) I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.


Happy birthday to me! 

   I am loved.

I am happy.   I am grateful.


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