1. She’s so cute and glows.
  2. She’s funny and brightens any room.
  3. We can talk about anything and everything (everyday)… All day! 
  4. She’s always there for me (and other people too) lol sometimes I share 
  5. We celebrate each other’s victories and give each other that PUSHHHHH.
  6. We make time to visit each other and the love is mutual and balanced.
  7. We share ideas and things. We have awesome problem solving prayers and chats.
  8. She’s so talented but makes herself available, although she’s a VERY busy lady!
  9. She’s beautiful inside and out even though she rarely sleeps. Lol… How Sway?
  10. She’s a positive person and a morning person!
  11. She makes me happier with little effort.
  12. She’s fun to be around
  13. She’s the life of the party that will teach you all the dances… Even if you stick to your “one” 2 step. I’m talking about me! Lol 
  14. She’s a passionate dancer and performs nationally.
  15. She’s thoughtful and her ministry is always on time, on point, and, on beat!
  16. She’s kind
  17. She loves music and has her own unique style
  18. She will appreciate that this is a list (we both love our lists)
  19. She’s honest (even when she tells me about myself) lol #lookagain
  20. She’s my friend (and a damn good one)
  21. She loves clueless (as much as I do)
  22. She knows all the best stores and trends
  23. She has beautiful almond shaped chestnut brown eyes… My fav!
  24. She can rock any hair color and lip color with the bold confidence her mama gave her!
  25. Her hair is never boring (neither is she)
  26. We can retell each other the same stories without getting annoyed or bothered. We know each other’s secrets and a lifetime embarrassing moments and insiders. I shall seal them to the grave. 
  27. We will laugh (always). Sometimes, I borrow her laugh and catch myself doing “Janine’s Laugh” HAAAAAH–no second Ha. 
  28. She’s creative and romantic (awesome gift giver)
  29. She has a lot of love to give and has a pure heart 
  30. She’s prepared for life’s challenges… Steadfast in her faith and truly prayers for you when she says she will…
  31. She’s organized and about her coins and tootsie rolls!
  32. She’s all about personal growth   

Our love has grown. Our bond is everlasting. She is literally my favorite cousin forever! 

Janine+Nicole= Jacole (inseparable “chessy” cats) 

fcfs 4life



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