This Spring Break, I traveled with a wonderful organization through New Life Church called “AIM For College”. I originally inquired about the program because I have a brother (Robert) that is a college bound – senior in high school. You probably won’t see much pics of him during this adventure (he’s camera shy).  


 As always there will be pictures of me. Sorry…

I braided myself a crown. 

traveling hair


I was lucky enough to have 2 seats. While I sat by the window, my MICHAEL KORS took the aisle. Michael went from purse to pillow, to booty cushion and back again. I enjoyed the sights of the bus ride: the scenic route through Pennsylvania and the beautiful teenagers excited to see Howard. 

sky selfie

Beauty at Howard  


The tour was informative and we got a close look at Student Life.  A sense of pride, heritage, knowledge of self, and empowerment filled the atmosphere. For willing guest, it was undeniable motivation. 

   Overall, I loved the campus but Rob decided it’s not for him. I think that still made it worth the trip. I’m happy to have had this spring break experience. Who knows? Maybe he’ll change his mind. I’ll support whatever decision he makes while offering my own subtle persuasiveness.



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