There’s a sense of pride and belonging that I felt at BSU. I couldn’t help but wonder how my personal development would have been different if I attended a school like this for undergrad studies.  Bowie is a lot like the school I attended for 4 years, but it’s historically black. The flags, statues, and buildings have faces of people that look like me. Wow, there’s a thought. Representation matters. Scholars need to see themselves… Not on the news, not in that section of the “paper”, but in positions of power, making history, and shaping our world for better.   
  The BSU Campus is Stunning! I am so happy that I got to visit this campus.  I’m proud to remember the history of my ancestors and celebrate all they’ve overcome. I didn’t get that at my PWIs.  I faced adversity and racism as a minority. In addition to my studies, I had to assimilate. With a balance of culture shock and the traditional adjustments of campus life, I survived and I thrived. But still… If I could turn back the hands of time, I WOULD.

Terms to know:


Historically Black College/University 


Predominantly White Institution 


I didn’t attend an HBCU but there’s a part of me that wishes I did. I guess that’s why I’m advocating so hard for my younger brother and former students to consider HBCUs. 



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