my heart

She’s my Gayle. Yes, I get to be Oprah in my own scenario. We are sisters in every filter and light. The lord blessed me with a sister and a soul mate package deal name, “Sheana”. Today is her birthday and I want to celebrate her because she’s the love of my life. We are totally like, actual “Frozen” characters. Today she’s turning 28, so here are 28 reasons why Sheana is my favorite person in the whole wide world:

  1. She is so loving. Gosh, I just want to nibble her face.  
  2. She cares for others and is an awesome mother. 
  3. She’s selfless. Even when I try to make her selfish… She won’t have it. Lol
  4. She’s kind. She mothers all the babies in our family. She’s my sister-mama too.  
  5. She’s beautiful but also humble. Sometimes I wonder if she even knows how beautiful she is. I’m sure to tell her! I’ll remind her for the rest of my life. 
  6. She’s intelligent and a natural teacher.
  7. She’s thoughtful. She’s the grandmother everyone wants. Lol She’s always trying to feed you or give you something she thinks you’ll like. She gifted me my favorite “Good night” moisturizer.   
  8. She’s innocent and pure. Her heart is the truest. 
  9. She has fabulous tattoos and unwavering faith. 
  10. I love her hair (#TeamSisterlocks). It’s soft and fluffy delight. Carter loves it too. He pulls it constantly lol
  11. Her smile is my favorite. She gave it to my godson. 
  12. Gorgeous “Brandy” eyes. 
  13. Sweetness for days… That manifests in Prince Carter.
  14. She listens and empathizes like no other. Daddy says, “If you have an ailment and you tell her, she has it too…”
  15. She doesn’t burden others. Sometimes, this can be annoying when we argue at store checkouts about who will pay. The clerk will usually say something like, “I wish I had a sister” or “I wish I got along with my sister”
  16. I see her (fully).
  17. I understand her by the way she calls my name. Her mood is my mood ring.
  18. She understands me by the look in my eyes. My sick eyes make her cry. Her crying eyes make me physically sick.
  19. She’s a fantastic sister and the best friend everyone deserves. But you can’t have her. She’s mine.   
  20. She has a pure heart with good intentions. All the right motives and thoughts…
  21. She shares. I think highly of her. She possesses what I lack…
  22. She’s giving.
  23. She’s fun to be around.  
  24. She’s an excellent conversationalist. 
  25. She’s who she is. She speaks my love language. 
  26. I know her truly. She admits when she doesn’t like me very much. We can love each other through our moods and disagreements. We forgive each other in .5 seconds. 
  27. We are a team. She will always love me.  
  28. We are in sync (one person). We feel when something is wrong with the other. Cities, countries, or continents away, we speak EVERYDAY. She’s my priority. I am hers. I am SheShe

Check us out:

  1. sheana and coley

  2.  Kisses and Lipgloss poppin!  

 Elizabeth Kubler Ross said, “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in; their true beauty is revealed only if there light is from within.” My sister has shined throughout life’s darkest days. 


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