13 times you made me SMILE 


  1. EVERYTIME You attempt to be helpful.
  2. When you made me tea the day I was sick.
  3. Your sewing skills!   
  4. Your hair styles: braids, braid out, and curls.
  5. When you rocked my headband.   
  6. When you try to be a big sister to Jeremy.
  7. When you found Emma’s Christmas collar. 
  8. When you gave me a goodbye kiss before my road trip home.
  9. How excited you get every time I come to visit. 
  10. You volunteer to walk Emma!
  11. You make sure to say goodbye.
  12. You stay up to see me off.
  13. You stay asking me all dem questions. Lol 

For your birthday, I give you your first wallet and plenty of decorative nails.   


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