I started listening to Badu as a little girl before I could understand or relate personally to her lyrics. I could feel her soul.At 31 years old, I saw her perform live in her 40’s. My seat wasn’t the best but the entire theatre felt her presence. Badu is a performer. She gave us a show!As a grown woman, I can now understand and relate to every Badu lyric. I love her for that.She showed up and showed out! The day before having to perform in LA for the BET Awards… She made time for me and Rochester, NY! RESPECT.

Some of my favorite Badu: Peace of Mind

What I wore: Reflecting Erykah in my own way…FOTD & OOTD

I LOVED my #MarcGlowStick. What’s that? It’s a glistening highlighter:)

I received the product as a complimentary gift from Marc Jacobs Beauty.

You can see my full review of Glowing Black Girl Magic | Sephora Beauty Board here.

The Best Part of the Show: Baduism 

She performed the classics​… And the Sing-A-Longs for loyal fans like me and my friend, Keisha!


On another note, She brought together a diverse audience in the name afrocentricty!

The End​… It’s a Wrap!

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