I love being married to my best friend. Aside from endless massages and good morning kisses, we share thoughts, dreams, and life.


A Throwback Photo of us Thanksgiving 2014 in Abu Dhabi, UAE

I love looking back at where we have come from over the years. I’m grateful for how we’ve grown. I remember how nervous I was at our rehearsal dinner.

I remember the stress that went into planning the wedding. None of that matters now. What matters is that we are more in love than ever and we have amazing family, friends, and the world before us! We made it by remembering… By holding on… But not giving up when faced with challenges. 3 years may not seem like a long time to some people, but it’s a major deal for us! So much has happened in 3 years! Our marriage thrived through. A network… A village… A team!

I am still grateful for the way everyone came together to shower me with love and wish us well. I love you, forever. 

Happy Anniversary to Us and all who have supported our love growth! I’ll always cherish your words, cards, and gifts.

Is 3 years long enough to try to give advice? Probably not, but here’s what I’d like to share unsolicited and all…

  1. Articulate your needs clearly and as they become apparent to you… You make need to write, vent, or get your thoughts out before you know how you feel.
  2. Keep your spouses needs in mind.
  3. Pray in the way that you pray. There’s no correct way to do this. Try to do it together though. This is new for us. We used to pray independently.
  4. Love each other and yourself. With that being said, for me, I learned not to lose myself while loving my husband because I need love from me too! 
  5. Revisit messages from your wedding wishes
  6. Watch your wedding video and listen to the messages from guests
  7. Share what you want to share on social media but don’t overshare (that can lead to conflicts)
  8. Don’t expect your partner to use social media the way that you do
  9. Respect your relationship 
  10. Honor your privacy
  11. Communicate daily
  12. Try new things together
  13. Have your own hobbies and interests
  14. Travel
  15. Budget together
  16. There’s nothing wrong with setting or resetting the tone for your relationship
  17. There’s nothing wrong about correcting a behavior that you don’t like… Assert yourself and your roles as husband and wife
  18. It’s not trying to change your partner by letting them know how to speak to you or what you expect from them
  19. Don’t hold your sadness in. Give your partner the chance to hear you and help you get it together on the days that you can’t. 
  20. Be positive and uplift others… Friends, Family & all. Being positive is contagious.  Your hope, your efforts, your determination could help others heal their own relationship. 
  21. Spend less time trying to fix your spouse and more time fixing yourself. No one is perfect. Every rose has its throne just like every cowboy… 
  22. Walk together… Work out together… 
  23. Show your appreciation and gratitude in the love language your spouse understands. 

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