Bridesmaids Duties include a spa pedicure, massage, manicure, fills, and funky French designs.

We chatted about this and that. Keeping a list of reminders for Josette.

Sherlita is my older cousin but she’s also a big sister figure. I asked her those questions little girls ask big sisters with developed bodies. She taught me how to match outfits. For many years, we went to every new movie together on the weekends at the UA theatre in Spring Valley.

We grew up to together.

She braided my hair and gave me my first set of goddess braids. She’s still very special to me and my sister, Sheana. 

Sherlita, Sheana, and Synthia

Fiya is Sherlita’s 2nd son. We spent a good amount of time together as well. He never liked me as a baby, perhaps, because I lived so far away and he didn’t know me.

The Rehearsal 


Bridal Party Fun

After the rehearsal, 


my first time @Zaxby’s

Wedding Day

me and mya

With the Jr. Bridesmaid, Mya

With my sister, Sheana

Fellow Bridesmaid

The Reception

Behind the Scenes 

Lining Up

Meet Leon

We had a lot of fun. My groomsmen partner was a classmate of my mom. They had not seen each other since the 70’s. 

The Reception 

Meet the Nicoles

Nicole and Nicole


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