October wasn’t all bad. It represents for me my sister in law’s wedding, my godsister’s birthday, and other moments of joy. 
It also holds memories of my brother’s passing… my grief and loss

Mixed with bitter sweet weather changes, 

Allergens and allergies

A busy teaching schedule before midterms of the fall semester and transitioning between intensive semesters of doctoral study dissertation work (phase two).

Newvember is about me affirming who I am for myself and acting and thinking accordingly. I feel like I’ve set the ground work for amazing things to happen for me and now I need to habitually see them through without distraction.

I am a queen. My doctoral study has taught me how to fail and see it as growth. As I try to satisfactorily meet my own semester goals in accordance with university standards, I must take daily risks and not be afraid of failing


Being unsatisfactory where I am

Thus reflection allows me to slow down and get it all together. 

I have meaningful goals. I know my essential purpose. My Newvember will be successful. 


  1. Do real self-care for the right reasons. Daily exercise that may not be captured in a beautiful instagram shot. I will plan healthy meals and remain consistent in that preparation. Let’s take care of our body’s inside and out and make our self care count for our souls. Clearly defining routines, rituals, and the appropriate spaces for them. 

Make time to visit my family. At one point in time, I visited at least once a month. I’m ready to get back to that. In Newvember, I plan to visit my family during election week and host them at my house for Thanksgiving Dinner. The second aspect of Newvember is feeding your soul with the presence of your loved ones. If that includes a road trip, plan accordingly and make it happen. 
For me that means, packing a week in advance and planning for substitute coverage. 

3. Since, travel motivates me, I will plan a vacation for my graduation instead of a party or gifts. I’ve been sending my support system “Save the Dates” for my graduation, July 15, 2017! Everyone is invited. I’m hoping for epic memory making that will outlast any monetary gift or event. 


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