I decided not to participate in the “Love Your Spouse” challenge because being and staying married is challenging enough. 
Also, I post enough pictures as it is.
My friends and family know how much I love and adore my husband. They also hear about how petty he can be and get on my absolute nerves. I know I’m not a perfect wife but I haven’t stopped trying to be one. Hubby calls me Wonder Woman! I call him, “The Husband”. My dad is still my Superman. But “The Husband”, he gets better annually. Lol
For my married friends completing the challenge, enjoy!

For my single friends looking at those challenges from the outside, enjoy or ignore! Don’t get in those “feelings”…

Marriage is not better than being single. It’s just different. Both lifestyles have their advantages and disadvantages. You don’t earn a spouse from being a good or better person. That’s not how it works. You haven’t failed at anything by deciding to divorce.
That’s all for now. ✌🏿️

Love, Coco
#amen #pettyprayers #dontbefooledbythenicepics #weallhavethesamefilters


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