21 Reasons why I love you:

  1. You are smart.
  2. You are talented.
  3. You cook well and don’t mind sharing.
  4. You are not stingy on seasoning.
  5. You’re a conversationalist.
  6. You make me proud.
  7. You are honest.
  8. You are enlightened.
  9. You are funny.
  10. You remind me of your dad, especially on those days that I miss him.
  11. You are humble.
  12. You are non-materialistic.
  13. You are eclectic.
  14. You’re true to yourself.
  15. You have awesome hair.
  16. You have beautiful eyes.
  17. You say how you feel.
  18. You always keep it real.
  19. You are a critical thinker.
  20. You are a movie buff!
  21. You are my sweet baby nephew (forever)!   

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