32 lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Tell people what you want and exactly what you need. Your needs can change. What you want will change. People will not. Even if they do, don’t count on it until they actually do.
  2. Organize everything! Life is better this way. Trust me.
  3. Perfection is not possible. Just be sometimes… Be the imperfection that is you at whatever given time…The ones who are worth it will stand by you!
  4. Embrace your flaws. They are a part of your uniques perspective. I’m not the girl that I once was, but I am so proud of the woman I am.
  5. Get out of bed… Even when you don’t want to. 
  6. Take in all of the sun.
  7. Get out of the house.
  8. Move! Be your own Essence magazine cover! 


    my essence

  9. Give what you get but also do what you can live with.
  10. Trust your instincts. 
  11. Confide in someone you can trust. But truthfully trust people to be and do as they are and what they will. 
  12. Nurture sisterhood and friendship. Family will always matter. 
  13. Dandelions aren’t weeds.
  14. Don’t assume people are racist.
  15. You can bond over anything. I love the natural hair community! 
  16. You cannot explain privilege to the privileged. Don’t bother trying.
  17. Keep in touch with family and friends but do your own thing.
  18. Share resources whenever you can. 
  19. Tell people how you feel.
  20. Rest.
  21. Plan ahead then you can go with the flow. Steer… Take charge of your life. 
  22. You don’t have to be perfect to be respected, loved, or valued. 
  23. There really are no mistakes. Just different paths on the journey…
  24. My life has had no error. 
  25. Be careful with people in your life who will never admit when they are wrong or say I’m sorry.
  26. Good people get no joy out of making you feel badly.
  27. Plan and think as the best version of yourself.
  28. Everybody doesn’t deserve to know everything.
  29. Keep them guessing.
  30. Music is a blessing.
  31. My life and everything in it is a blessing. My students will forever love me. The love they’ve shown me over the years is a reflection of my efforts to show them that their lives matter. 
  32. Energy is everything. 

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