Westworld is based on a classic film. 1st Great Love Story
Teddy: dresses like a cowboy but isn’t really one. Teddy is meant to be a loser and make newcomers feel like winners. 

Teddy shows the guests around like a guide. They can use him as target practice.
Delores: believes Teddy’s path leads to her. There are bound together. Her cornerstone is Teddy’s love (losing him). The oldest host in the park. She chooses to see the beauty in West World. There’s an order and purpose to their days there. She knows things will work out the way they’re meant to.
Peter Abernathy: Delores’ Dad: Delores is his cornerstone. Looks after his wife and daughter.

Finds buried picture of William’s wife in his field. He questions the nature of his reality.
Delores’ Mom: dies before we ever see her.

Delores helps her mom with supper. Delores mom never comes when she calls her, even when the father has completely shut down.
Routines and Repetition

Teddy: “Don’t mind me… just trying to look chivalrous”
“Don’t mind me. Just trying to look chivalrous”

“These violent delights have violent ends”
The newcomers: can’t be hurt by hosts. The hosts all love the newcomers according to Delores.
Hosts are paired off, supposed to stay within loops with minor improvisations.
The man in black kills Teddy, Kissy
Bernard, “Bernie” is fearless. His weakness is the loss of his son. He is fond of Dr. Ford and displays nervousness and respect in Ford’s presence.
Dr. William Ford embraces mistakes made in West World and wants to be indulged. DD tells him he’s in a prison of his own sins.
Elsie kisses Clementine.
Reveries make the guests fall in love with the hosts.

Old Bill: 2nd host built

Good listener 
Mae can speak Chinese. 
Sheriff glitches when a fly is on his face.
10% of hosts

Is 200 hosts

They got them all.

*Delores was not okay.
1400 guests in the park.

Mr. Sizemore: writer

Kissy: Half cornhusker 

Walter kills other hosts off script.
What’s the bigger picture? The deeper level to this game comes from the wisdom of ancient culture. 
Arnold creator and supporter of host freedom also serves as conscious to hosts.
The hosts are hostages.
The milk resembles the substance used to create the hosts bones. 
Dr. Orouke (Dr. Office in town)
Hector: scar under left eye.
In town Robbers
Theresa Cullen
“Ain’t no grave can hold my body down”
Westworld 1973

Western world (hosts are distinctive by their hands)

Foreshadowing “Nothing can go wrong”


Wife: Julie


Medieval world ($1,000.00 per day)

-13th century Europe 

2 weeks
Futureworld 1976

Beyond Westworld 1980

If you like Westworld, check out Dollhouse


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