Beyonce’s lemonade was just released and I am blown away. A couple of peach fuzzy navels and I watched the hour long world premiere while everyone in my house slept.

I wept with Black Jesus

Black Twitter

Beyoncé and a bunch of women I don’t know. 

peach fuzzy navel

Mom and I carefree, unapologetically Black and eating cotton candy! 

After my second viewing, I played it for my husband. The next morning, I viewed it with my sister. We shared feelings and talked about “the cycle”… Of our feelings. I wanted to relish in anger. Sheana loved the acceptance stage.  


my sissy

Based on a 21 day self care challenge, I decided to start the day with warm water and lemon.
Drink a large glass of warm water with a half of lemon squeezed in it every morning.

 Some of the things lemon water help with are:


Removes bacteria in the mouth

Helps with weight loss

The vitamin C in the lemon helps your skin glow

Boosts your immune system


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