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Thanks for visiting my blog.  I’m syntravels and I’m an English teacher and doctoral candidate in the field of Higher Education and Adult Learning. My blog starts with my anticipation for traveling from the USA to teach in the UAE.  In preparation for my journey, I enjoyed my summer at my home in New York. My blog continues with my departure, arrival and exploration of the emirates. After a year, I return to my home country with newfound appreciation of the comforts of home and living abroad.IMG_9362.JPG


My (2012) Personal Mission Statement:

I value learning, independence, travel, creativity, achievement, and social change. I deeply appreciate laughter, good food, music and poetry in my life. I especially value authenticity and love in myself and others. Before I die, I want to have made a positive impact on the world for young people, women, and people of color. As a teacher, writer and scholar, I will use my one life to affect many lives by helping people realize that writing is healing. In my work and life, I will always tell my truth and make space for others to tell theirs. In my journey to empower others, I will not neglect my own family, friends, finances, health, or spirituality. I will remember that love is the only religion and that forgiveness is the highest form of love. And that fear means GO. I will remember that failure is only failure if you don’t learn anything and that nothing is ever so bad that you can’t get up and dance when the music comes on. And I will always, always choose love over fear.

In this blog, I discuss my thoughts, decisions, and opinions throughout my journey. Looking forward to your comments. 



5 thoughts on “About Me: Who is “syntravels”?

  1. Thank you for following my website becsue it led me to come on over and visit yours. Had a very enjoyable visit. What an interesting life you are embracing, with a profession that will enable you to travel and teach globally. Looking forward to following your adventures. All my best to you.


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